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Marlboro, Chesterfield, Darlington County Pee Dee Indian Tribe

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Our Tribal History

For more than one thousand years, Indians lived an agricultural life on the lands that became known as North Carolina. About the 11th century A.D., a new cultural tradition arrived in the Pee Dee River Valley. That new culture, called "Pee Dee" by archaeologists, was part of a widespread tradition known as "South Appalachian Mississippian." Throughout Georgia, South Carolina, eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina, and the southern North Carolina Piedmont, the new culture gave rise to complex societies. These inhabitants built earthen mounds for their spiritual and political leaders, engaged in widespread trade, supported craft specialists, and celebrated a new kind of religion.     

Today, archaeologists know that Pee Dee culture is considerably earlier than originally thought, and that it was not introduced by invaders from the south that moved en mass into the North Carolina Piedmont. Pee Dee is better viewed as a regional center of South Appalachian Mississippian that interacted and evolved with other regional centers scattered from the Coastal Plain of Georgia and South Carolina to the western North Carolina mountains.

Our People have been around for hundreds of years.  We have been interacting and sharecropping with other Tribes and people up until this very day.  Around 1975/1976 members of our current Tribe (Marlboro, Chesterfield, Darlington County Pee Dee Indian Tribe) started working with the Lumbee/Pee Dee Tribe which is known today as Pee Dee Indians of South Carolina.  Evolved from this group was the Pee Dee Indian Nation of Upper South Carolina. 

Chief David Locklear, (former Chief of the Pee Dee Indian Association) his feathering has been portrayed as a tribal event of the Pee Dee Indian Association but in fact this event was done as a family event by his uncle, Author Locklear, on November 10, 1984.

 On August 06, 2004 a meeting was called to order to discuss the idea of some members becoming a separate entity from the Tribe in which they were currently a member of.  These members did not believe in the way that the Tribe was operating things.

This is how our current Tribe, Marlboro, Chesterfield, Darlington County Pee Dee Indian Tribe, formed. We did not just pop up in 2004.

On September 8th, 2007 during our 2nd annual Pow Wow/Native American Festival, our Chief Tim LaBean was feathered by former Chief David Locklear.

Marlboro, Chesterfield, Darlington County Pee Dee Indian Tribe
4116 RedBud Road
McColl, SC 29570